SMART Treasure Mapping finally released ...

The Simple and Easy Way to Achieve what You Want in a Fun and Creative way which can help you make More Money, get Better Health and create the kind of Relationship you want.

This is a simple ... yet Massively Effective Secret that successful people use to help them achieve their goals and ambitions.

Is this where your Treasure Map will lead you?

But make NO MISTAKE, this strategy can be applied to anyone who follows the easy steps to create the life they want.

So if you're sick and tired of working hard and not getting what you feel you deserve, then this is the system for you.

David Woodier BSc is a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy and Creation Technologies with experience supporting Anthony Robbins and Christopher Howard and has vast experience internationally in training and helping individuals achieve more at work and play.


Using this system, you'll discover ...

  • How to slow down enough to design the only life you've got.
  • Why you may not have been good at setting goals in the past.
  • How you have achieved more goals than you thought.
  • How to reprogram your Reticular Activating System which has been guiding you on autopilot for far too long.
  • How your mind is like an automated Google Search Engine and how to set up automatic searches so you achieve what you want.

Marketers and the Media have known for years how powerful images are when it comes to persuading people both consciously AND unconsciously. They are influenced like sheeple to do or buy what is being shown to us.

If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything

Just imagine having the power to determine the goals you want instead of being lead by life. Learn the secrets of creating and utilising powerful treasure maps which consistently reinforce the parts of your psyche which are constantly looking for answers.

Your new car?


This is what happened to me in less than 8 months

"Since creating my recent treasure map, I found myself on a cruise around the Whitsunday Islands with friends, starting a new business which is what I've been looking for for years, in new and exciting relationships, on stage speaking in Australia and booked for New Zealand as well as on a random trip to a seaside resort in Turkey I could not have foreseen and feeling healthier, happier and more purposeful than before I put it together"

David Woodier, Author & Speaker

Would you choose:

  • A New House or Car?
  • A Special Holiday?
  • A Fit and Healthy Body?
  • Gifts for Family and Friends?
  • Closer Spiritual Connection?

... well Don't be Limited by these Options,
You Can Have Them ALL and whatever else you want!

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But what if I don't know what I want?

Contained in this programme is an interactive exercise which takes in to account that the world has changed and people don't want the same things today as they used to. The step by step process leads you to identify the goals you want in the following areas:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Family
  • Economic & Business
  • Health
  • Spiritual
  • And more ...

In fact, once you're clear on what you want and take some small steps, YOU will be AMAZED at how quickly you'll notice or achieve those things in your life.

As you progress through the information, explanations and examples are given as to why Treasure Mapping works and with the changing times we live in, the ideas are given in an easy to understand and contemporary way.


Not only do you get Instant Download Access
You also get Two Extra Bonuses!

MP3 Download To save you time, download the mp3 and play it on your ipod on your way to work. This is especially useful for those who are very busy and just want the information. It walks you through the process of SMART Treasure Mapping explaining why this system works as well as how to create your Treasure Map and what steps to take to get best results.

Valued at $97

Mind-Mapping Software When you invest in SMART Treasure Mapping, you may already know that you prefer information in pictures. You are provided with a link to download and use a Mind Mapping tool which allows you to organise your thoughts and notes into simple diagrams which means you'll be able to remember so much more!

Valued at $ 197

NEW! Easier than Photoshop Software Another tool you are provided when you come on board with us is a download of an excellent yet easy to use image manipulation software tool. Use this programme to quickly create graphics you can use for an electronic treasure map or other graphics.

Valued at $ 127

Results Guaranteed! Results GUARANTEED!

I want to make it clear ... right from the word go, that if this strategy doesn't work for you, I don't want your money. It's that simple. I am confident that if you go through the programme and follow the guide on creating and using your Treasure Map, you will get easily 10 times the cost of this programme out of it.

So purchase SMART Treasure Mapping and follow the steps for 30 days. If you don't feel you get value from it, then send me a photo of your Treasure Map and I will personally refund you the cost of the programme.

Visual Goal Setting - Set your sights on success!

So you now really have two choices ...

You can continue along in your life as you have been doing. you can continue with the same old things ... and keep achieving the same old results. If you are comfortable where you are at ... then there is no need to do anything.

However if you want to discover how to literally see your goals and dreams into existence so you stand amongst the few who make things happen, then you owe it to yourself, and your family, to give yourself every advantage.

... and there is no greater advantage than discovering the Secret of SMART Treasure Mapping!

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Here's a quick reminder about what you get ...

What you Get
SMART Treasure Mapping ebook download  
Bonus # 1: MP3 Ipod Bonus Download  
Bonus # 2: Mind-Mapping Software  
Bonus # 3: Easy Photoshop Software  
Total Value
Your Investment
Get it Today for Only $27

Have you ever wondered why some people find massive success... and others only scrape by in life?

It's not because they are smarter, prettier or luckier than everyone else ...

The real reason is because they take time to learn skills that others do not ... they take action when others don't. Instead of sitting in front of the TV night after night, spending money on booze and their DVD collection, they invest in their own knowledge ... and then put this knowledge into practice.

If you empty your purse into your head, you cannot lose it;
an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin.

Your personal success is completely up to you.

I hope you decide to take action to enable yourself to succeed and achieve the amazing life which we both know you deserve.

If I can help you on your path of life, then you would have helped me on mine.


Let the sky be the limit.


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P.S. Don't forget ... I have given you a Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you just don't think this will work for your or you don't learn what I have told you then simply take a photo of your Treasure Map and send it to me for a prompt and courteous refund of every cent of your investment.

P.P.S. Whether you know the value of Treasure Mapping or not, investing in your future is the difference which makes the difference.
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